Krochet Kids International

Social Mission: Krochet Kids is a lifestyle brand that focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering women. The knit items they sell are produced by women in Northern Uganda and Peru who take part in their program. Every hat you purchase has the name of the woman who made it; this can be used to send a personalized thank-you note through the company’s website (I believe the section is called “Meet the Ladies”). I like that they put faces on the production process, it really helps remind the buyer that someone sat down and wove the item together with their hands….and did a damn good job.

The beautiful thing about this company is the way they go about their social mission; they don’t aim to keep all of their workers. Aside from providing a fair wage, the program offers education and mentoring to all of its workers so that they can transition into whatever fields they aspire to. According to their website, they have 4 Ugandans on staff to contextualize training concepts so that the education stays relevant to the women in the program.

They also release an annual report of financials and program status although the most recent one that was available on the website was from 2010. One of the eye-catching lines in the report states that 69 women in the program saved a total of 18,620 U.S. dollars. The annual report is a total rundown of what happened to all the money that came and went through their figurative doors so if you want the nuts and bolts go check it out.

Because of the nature of the program, they aim to make low quantities; the chances of hats being restocked or repeated once they have been sold out are slim.

“A lifestyle and accessories brand intent on empowering communities around the globe to rise above poverty”

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